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The 2020 model of the MFL Crusher 1250 is the culmination of over 30 years development and manufacture of rolling mills by MFL Engineering Ltd, Dalston, Cumbria with well over 100 units manufactured and sold nationwide.

The MFL 1250 Crusher has gained a serious reputation for grain processing in the UK. With outputs from 15-50 tonnes/hour (dependant on material). It is a heavy hitter in the rolling mill market and remains the best high capacity mobile mill for the contractor or large scale farmer.


Our low maintenance machines are easy to set up and use and can be equipped with specific features that meet customers individual requirements.


The MFL Crusher is a high output, heavy-duty mill designed to process wheat, barley, maize and beans. The large diameter rollers create a steep infeed angle into the rolling face with a large contact area creating a flat rolled grain sample.

Processing samples from 12-38% moisture content the MFL Crusher can handle it all. Minimal setting adjustments are required for processing different samples, simply adjust the input flow and roller pressure for best results.

After working with farmers and contractors who have used the MFL Crusher for many years we have a network of operators who offer advice and knowledge on machine operation.



MFL Engineering Ltd has operated in the mechanical engineering and machinery manufacture sector for over 50 years with a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability.

Since 1967 MFL has built up a strong customer base by providing a variety of services to customers around the UK. Our workshop has the ability to produce small, one-off product assemblies, large structural components or full-scale test structures that meet customers desires and deadlines.


Throughout the years MFL has been awarded ISO certifications so our quality of service and product is continually improving for our customers. 

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