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MFL has been manufacturing crushers and other agricultural machinery for over 40 years.


The MFL Crusher 1250 (2020) has been designed and developed to produce crimped or flat-rolled grain and beans. This allows farmers to process, preserve and store their own freshly harvested or locally-grown cereal to create organic blends and homegrown mixes of animal feed with maximum nutritional value and digestibility, reducing the need for more expensive and inferior bought-in feed varieties.


The crusher is a substantially engineered machine with innovation and simplicity at the heart of its design. Many components of the machine are made at our in-house manufacturing facility in Dalston, Cumbria and assembled by highly skilled operatives.



MFL Crusher 1250 centralised PTO www
MFL Crusher 1250 centralised PTO www

Rolling Mill, Crimper Crusher, Bruiser

MFL Crusher 1250 rolling mill www
MFL Crusher 1250 rolling mill www

Rolling Mill, Crimper Crusher, Bruiser

MFL Crusher 1250 side view www
MFL Crusher 1250 side view www

Rolling Mill, Crimper Crusher, Bruiser

MFL Crusher 1250 centralised PTO www
MFL Crusher 1250 centralised PTO www

Rolling Mill, Crimper Crusher, Bruiser

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At the heart of the MFL Crusher lies the same tried and tested roller construction used in all machines for the past 20 years. The 610mm diameter heavy wall rollers measuring 1250mm long are mounted on 125mm EN8 shafts with 50mm end plates. The rollers are mounted on custom made steel bearing houses fitted with Timken/SKF bearings. The roller assembly with shafts and bearings weigh in at a hefty 1,200kg (each roller).


Roller drive is achieved by a centralised PTO input with 1 1/4” triplex chain drive to the primary drive roller. Previous machines have been supplied with direct PTO drive to the input roller. Although this has been an effective solution with minimal moving parts, it did have some issues with machine start-up/ shut down due to the heavy weight and inertia of the rollers. PTO angle has also been a factor with the PTO operating close to its maximum recommended limit causing some issues in high horsepower use.


The 2020 model is now fitted with a centralised PTO input and a heavy-duty chain drive to the primary roller. This has introduced a chain drive but adds substantial benefit to start up and shut down along with extended PTO shaft life. This system has been fitted to machines manufactured pre 2010 and has proven to be a successful drive input system.

Drive is then transferred to the second roller by rubber drive wheels mounted to the rear of the rollers. This simple system has been at the heart of the MFL Crusher for over 15 years and has proven to be a highly effective system for drive transfer between the rollers.


The simple but highly effective system for retaining the rollers in the frame is a key design feature of the MFL Crusher and allows quick and easy roller removal for inspection and maintenance purposes. A service engineer can strip the machine to its bare components in as little as 3 hours. The MFL Crusher has been designed to aid site service to ensure the minimum time possible is spent carrying out maintenance to reduce service costs.


The 2020 model is fitted with a full stainless-steel elevator including boot and hood. This gives exceptional anti corrosive protection against chemical treatment and enhanced anti-wear to the internal faces of the elevator. The cost increase is minimal to manufacture components from stainless steel as the cost of painting is removed.

Most of the machine guards including mudguards are now supplied in stainless steel. The factory finish contains some minor marks and imperfections but the surface finish will be maintained during the lifetime of the machine without corrosion.

The rotary unloader/counter provides the operator with an exceptional level of flow control over the previous manually operated hopper door. The digital counter provides the operator with an accurate display of the volume of product processed. A simple calculation of the product weight using the digital scale and volume container gives an accuracy of over 98% when calculating the processed weight.

This system allows the MFL Crusher to remain mobile during operation (a site-specific risk assessment would be required to operate the machine in this way).


The 2020 model is fitted with a Selmech D-Flow additive system as standard. This high flow additive system is plumbed directly into the rear auger discharge tube for mixing through the auger and elevator before discharge. The unit is electronically controlled allowing the additive supply pipe to be installed away from the operator to reduce health and safety risks.


Date of manufacture/purchase date are not the best way of calculating a service interval for the MFL Crusher. The 2020 model is fitted with a vibration hour counter to ensure service intervals are calculated accurately to preserve the service life of the machine.


This provides cost effective service intervals for the operator. Adhering to the correct service intervals will protect the capital investment made in the MFL Crusher and increase the machine warranty (see terms and conditions). 

  • Outputs up to 50 tonne/hr (200BHP required)

  • Heavy-duty construction (kerb weight of 5,000kg)

  • Heavy-duty rollers which can be re-skimmed up to 4 times

  • Centralised PTO input drive

  • Simple roller drive system with minimal wearing parts

  • Hydraulic control of roller pressure

  • 250mm auger with 50mm stub shafts for high output

  • Removable magnet trays

  • Stainless steel elevator

  • Hydraulic control of elevator body and hood

  • Stainless steel guards

  • Rotary unloader/ counter

  • Selmech D-Flow additive system (fully plumbed)

  • Vibration hour counter

  • Rubber suspension units

  • LED road lighting